Chile Philately

A one collection study

Beautiful 13 volume collection of Chile

We are proud to present you with the "Hamilton" collection of Chile. Built up over a period of 25 years, there are some very scarce items here, notably in Volume 11, that showing the Postal use of Revenue and Telegraph stamps. Some of these covers are rarely seen. 

Just click on the Volume number to see illustrations. These are "thumbnails" so just double-click on them to see the enlarged illustration.

Volume 1 pre-stamp and stampless postal-history. 36 covers and 5 G.B. stamps used in Valparaiso/ Coquimbo.

Volume 2 the Imperforate issues. 13 covers and 72 stamps including strip three and four.

Volume 3 Issues from 1867 1916, also Tierra del Fuego Popper stamp. 20 covers and 316 stamps including blocks.

Volume 4 Santiago and Valparaiso Correo Urbano. 32 covers/ cards.

Volume 5 Miscellaneous Postal History. 52 covers/ cards and 13 stamps.

Volume 6 Postal Stationery. 63 items.

Volume 7 Ambulancia markings - 24 covers/ cards and 21 stamps. Chilean Antarctic - 25 stamps and 14 covers.

Volume 8 Registered mail - 13 covers. Postage Due 18 covers.

Volume 9 1923 1965 300+ stamps. This is the only volume not illustrated.

Volume 10 34 covers and  49 stamps.

Volume 11 Postal use of Revenue and Telegraph stamps 40 covers and 18 stamps.

Volume 12 Valparaiso, Juan Fernandez etc. 43 covers/ cards

Volume 13 Santiago 36 covers/ cards.

This collection (no, it's not mine) was sold on EBay May-05-2001 by Scotia Philately Ltd auction house.