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Boyd's City Express Post, later known as Boyd's City Dispatch and finally as Boyd's Dispatch was arguably the most important and successful of the U.S. local posts!  Their longtime success proved private enterprise served Manhattan's mail patrons better.

Significant Earliest Known Usage (EKU) and Latest Known Usage (LKU) research and discoveries of Boyd's postal markings and adhesive usages are found throughout the exhibit.  EKU and LKU information for Boyd's markings and postal emissions are based on Abt's article, Boyd's City Express Post as noted in the bibliography.

The purpose of this cover exhibit is to show the viewer that the U.S. Post Office did not always have a monopoly on letter or mail handling services.

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Recommended reading

Boyd's City Express Post by Henry S. Abt, Collector's Club Philatelist

Boyd's Postal Markings by John Bowman & Lawrence LeBel, the Penny Post, July 1997 issue

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